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Full automatic high speed double sides labeling machine

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1Compare DY820G with DY820 equipment, this machine the speed more faster than DY820,and than the original speed increased by 10% - 10%, Increase motor for receive label, and speed up receive label, rigidity is also enhanced, more compact.

2Can increase round bottle institution, Implement round bottles symmetry, the fixed point and position automatic labeling, Increase the auxiliary institution can realize only 1 label wrap around square bottle three sides or four sides.

3..Super high power AC motor and frequency inverter, helps to improve the accuracy of labeling.

4..The machine is used the famous 750W servo motor, high-precision refinement, built-in high

resolution encoder. The design is to improve the accuracy.

5.The touch screen based human interface in Chinese and English with the online helping system, and the SIMEMS control system, makes it easy for operating. The press belt is geared in to the main transporting line, so it makes the two transporting lines work in synchronous absolutely.

5.The shape structure is designed specially, so the labeled product is able to be located and labeled precisely.

7.The labeling head can be adjusted at eight orientations, special for Cone bottles. It is quickly to adjust when change different size bottles.

8.Due to the label after Active roller rolling, helps to eliminate labels wrinkles, improve the quality of


9.The label is pressed by a flap after applying on bottles and is pressed by active and passive sponge rollers. It has not any air bladder when the label is stuck. Especially applicable to the crystal bottles labeled with transparent labels.

10.The machine structure adopts enhanced rigidity design, make the machine own a simple, elegant and stable appearance.

11.The machine can customize production line or special design according the customers requirement.

Technical parameters:




Production speed


Labeling accuracy


Label outer diameter

330 mm

Label inner diameter

76.2 mm

Label max width

200mmcan customize according the customers requirement


380V /220V    50 Hz  3000W

Conveyor chains plate width


Conveyor chains plate height from the ground

900mm50mmcan customize according the customers requirement

Air source



Round bottle institution



Outline SizeL*W*H





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